Who we are

Uniting Skill with Opportunity

OmniJobber is a web platform built from the experience of freelancers to facilitate the collaboration of freelancers with customers, accelerate the market and balance the demand and supply of ad-hoc services in emerging countries.

Just like you, OmniJobber is born of passion and pain. The pain of unemployment, untapped talent, and rising poverty in emerging countries. The best way to empower under-employed young adults is through a web platform like OmniJobber (passion) - which facilitates collaboration and microentrepreneurship without bureaucracy. A jobbing system, centered on a vision that emerges in a context of international struggle against underemployment, unemployment and (employment) poverty.

The OmniJobber portal is already more than 1500 curated freelancers in Cameroon, and a team sharing the same idea: being passionate, being reliable and working while respecting its commitments. OmniJobber's role is to increase the profitability of skills.
Our mantra #UnitingSkillWithOpportunity

The OmniVision

We believe that filling up free time by narrowing the gap between demand and supply of temporary jobs, and increasing trust between stakeholders, will provide access to the job market and a better income potential for individuals. We believe that the careers we follow, our training and our mentalities have a direct impact on the development of our environment, our country and the world as a whole.

The OmniJobber referent is the promotion of a qualified human resource that is inadequately exploited. OmniJobber is the new way to work and get a job done in Cameroon and other emerging countries.

We exist for any:
  • SME striving to increase its turnover,
  • technician or craftsman seeking to increase his/her income,
  • job seeker or professional with difficulties to get into the job market,
  • individual with free time slots,
  • young person (student) looking for a job,
  • mother who wants to work and cares for her family at the same time.

Blockchain-powered freelance platform

OmniJobber is designed to facilitate, accelerate and secure on-demand service transactions in emerging markets. The platform is based on Blockchain technology, particularly the smart contract, to ensure that agreements between customers and service providers on it are unique, secure, automatic and transparent.

Mr. Provider, we believe in your talent, but you certainly lack visibility, or you met many customers who have not paid your bills. That's why we exist!

Mme Client, we know that you have sometimes needed a service, but you do not know who to contact reliably. That's why we exist too!

We put at your disposal a qualified workforce, rigorously selected, by a highly experienced team of Human Resources Analysts, and partner groups of experts. The OmniJobber database is exclusively composed of reliable service providers, for the development of your projects, services and spontaneous tasks.

Publish your project for free and the ideal service provider will propose you in a very short time.

Share & Earn

We have integrated a social networks sharing to develop the reputation of young entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs by enabling them to quickly reach their targets.

OmniJobber's "Share & Earn" system has been designed for active users on social networks and Web businesses seeking to monetize their audiences in a more natural and efficient way. By rewarding productive activity on social media, the goal is to give young Cameroonians a method to monetize their free time.

By rewarding this sharing, we directly promote the best entrepreneurs free of charge, which could boost their marketing and promote the growth of their businesses.

The OmniMission

OmniJobber's mission is to facilitate the on-demand service process and encourage respect for the work ethic in Africa. We seek to stand as an essential link between freelancers and clients. Thus, we limit the flaws that surround the market. We ensure transparency, reliability, punctuality and rigor, such that freelancers always get paid for a work done, and clients always receive the job they paid for, all these in time and with mutual respect among the involved parties.

We strive for top-notch on-demand-services provided by freelancers to companies and individuals in Cameroon and Africa. Establish the best media for information of creative, talented, and disciplined Jobbers (including knowledge workers, students and manual workers) enabling them to fill in their spare time, do the work and earn money.

For customers...

OmniJobber means easy access to an immense amount of skills in all fields and it also means paying very competitive rates for the jobs that they need done. Many SMEs use our platform to communicate their projects to the potential workforce, and these SMEs already use it to materialize their projects, knowing that we have reliable tools and methods, that match their needs. We dedicate our resources and technologies to search the ideal jobber that will efficiently perform a task.

For freelancers (service providers)...

...OmniJobber represents easy access to thousands of potential jobs available for them, performed right from the comfort of their own homes or where appropriate! We understand that there are many skilled people out there who are looking to boost their income, or in search of financial independence, or who simply want to be self-employed. Whatever their reason, they can now choose the job that they want while matching it to their specific skills! Digital marketing is offered free of charge on our platform which highlights the know-how and the SMEs.

"Our platform is not limited to knowledge workers (programmers, IT specialists, web designers, translators and writers, accountants etc.) also includes artisans (carpenters, electricians, plumbers, catering etc) ! We understand that it can sometimes be problematic and/or time-consuming for you to find the person most suitable for the job that you need to have completed, and that's why we take responsibility. With a very simple user-friendly system, our clients post their specific jobs and freelancers get in touch with us if they have the skills to perform the job at hand. We do the rest!"

CEO of OmniJobber